Amy Quon
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 60
Occupation Owner of Chicken For Lunch,
Hostess at The Lingnan
Relatives Husband: Kinman Quon
Children: Miles Quon,

Marty Quon,
Mandy Quon

First Appearance Chop Suey on the Prairie
Amy Quon is the mother of the Quon Family. She is married to Kinman, and has 3 children with him, Marty, Mandy, and Miles, who owns the restaurant, The Lingnan. She and Kinman own the restaurant in downtown Edmonton Chicken for Lunch. She lives at the Quon House.



Amy is a very caring mother, and worries a bit too much. She constantly meddles in her children's affairs, and orders them around. Around the restaurant, she is very friendly to the customers and especially kids. She is bossy with her children. Irrepressible, bossy, ever-present mother, hostess of Lingnan restaurant. The amazing Amy bowls guests over with hospitality while unapologetically bossing everyone in sight. Her family sometimes becomes impatient as she endlessly visits with the customers—often even showering them with gifts—but Amy knows that her larger-than-life personality plays a big role in the Lingnan’s success. With her 30th wedding anniversary approaching, Amy is feeling a bit restless about her humdrum relationship with husband Kinman. Over the decades their life has devolved into a relentless cycle of work and (usually scant) sleep, with little time or energy for anything else. Amy’s more than ready for a little bit of romance and sparkle in her marriage, but it’s not likely to come naturally from Kinman. Meanwhile, like many mothers, Amy can’t resist worrying about her children—a worry that she often expresses by meddling in their lives. For Amy, every silver lining has a black cloud. Whenever there’s a blazing beam of joy and optimism, you can count on Amy to find the doom and disaster lurking just beneath. Her kids laugh it off—and frequently ridicule her for it—but Amy sometimes pushes things a bit too far. Will she ever manage to loosen the apron strings, or will they eventually snap?