Chop Suey on the Prairie
Episode Number 1
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Original Airdate October 16, 2011
Next Episode Wok on the Wild Side

Chop Suey on the Prairie is the first episode and pilot of the Quon Dynasty. It introduced all the family, showing pictures in the beginning.


The Lingnan has a very busy night, and Miles has to find a way to make some extra money, after they had to pay Ajit, Mandy's boyfriend of a long time, to take orders and be one of the hosts. The next day, Miles suggests to the family at the Quon House that the museum curator asked them to hold an exhibit, Chop Su
ey on the Prairie, at the Royal Alberta Museum. Then, when Miles and Kinman are working in the kitchen and making the dishes that they had decided on, Amy walks in and says she wants them to serve her Crack Chicken. Then, she gets mad when Miles declines and he finally caves. She then tries on her dresses, and then picks a traditional Chinese outfit. Then, while they are at the exhibit, Marty and Mandy have to run the restaurant, and are succesful, but spill a bag of corn stach in the back storage room that Miles notices later. At the exhibit, it is pulled off and everyone loves Amy's Crack Chicken. Then, they come back to the restaurant and complete the service.

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