Kinman Quon
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 62
Occupation Works at The Lingnan
First Appearance Chop Suey on the Prairie
Kinman Quon is the oldest of the Quons, and the father. He is married to Amy, and he works with her at both restaurants and lives with her at Quon House. He is old-fashioned and likes everything the old way.


Father, easygoing but quietly assertive, Owner of Lingnan restaurant, defender of tradition. Kinman, the Lingnan’s amiable owner, stands guard over the restaurant’s image—and customer base. Beneath his quiet, easygoing exterior lies a hard-working, knowledgeable businessman with a careful eye for the bottom line. He lets Miles and Amy boss him around, but only to a point. Kinman holds firm to the “if it ain’t broke” school of business. Although he might grudgingly make room for a few of his kids’ newfangled ideas, he doesn’t believe in change for change’s sake. Lately, however, set-in-his-ways Kinman has shown signs of loosening his grip on the Lingnan’s rudder. He’s proud of Miles’s drive and vision, even if he doesn’t always say so, and is allowing him room to flex his culinary and organizational muscles. He’s also awakening to the idea that a lightened workload might allow him some time to explore a few long-neglected passions. As a young man, for example, he loved sketching and art. Now that he doesn’t have to be up to his elbows in bean sprouts and cornstarch 18 hours a day, perhaps he can begin to rediscover his inner self. Some things never change, though. Kinman has been a contented married man for nearly three decades—and it’s about that long since the last time he treated Amy to a romantic evening out.


He is married to Amy, and he works with her at both restaurants and lives with her at Quon House. He takes her out to the spa as a surprise in The Kung Pao-r of Love for their anniversary, which was suggested by Mandy


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