Miles Quon
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 30
Occupation Owner at The Lingnan
Relatives Parents: Amy Quon and Kinman Quon
Siblings: Marty Quon
and Mandy Quon
First Appearance Chop Suey on the Prairie
Miles Quon is the owner of The Lingnan. He is married to Pan Pan. He is the son of Amy and Kinman, and the brother of Marty and Mandy. He is the most hard-working and mature of all the Quons, and he has to constantly manage the restaurant and all of its affairs. In iRun Chefs, he is put on a weightloss challenge, and he loses 9 pounds (from 280 to 271), and Marty loses less weight than him. (7 pounds). Marty and him are usually in a sibling rivalry.


Eldest Quon sibling, Passionate foodie Lingnan restaurant manager, aspiring empire builder. Miles, the eldest Quon sibling, is the Lingnan’s exuberant, perfectionist young manager. Miles grew up at the Lingnan, and now spends most of his time there—dealing with the constant stress of running two dining rooms and a delivery service out of one kitchen. In short, he lives, breathes and dreams the Lingnan. Over the past few years, Miles has gone a long way in shaking up the Lingnan’s stodgy, safe reputation. The food is fantastic, the décor superb, and business is better than ever. Still, although Miles loves the Lingnan as much as his father, he doesn’t necessarily want to follow in his father's footsteps. Never content to sit on his laurels, Miles is always casting about for new outlets for his energy and ambition. Will he direct his boundless energy to new business opportunities, extending the Lingnan's reach beyond its four walls? 


At home, the bloom of newlywed bliss has given way to the everyday routine of married life. (Miles married Pan Pan, a Chinese international student, in a 2008 storybook wedding in Beijing.) Pan Pan spends much of her time pitching in at the restaurant. It’s not always an easy life—but when Pan Pan married Miles, she married the Lingnan!