Wonton O' Fun
Kinman painting Amy.
Episode Number 4
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Original Airdate November 7, 2011
Next Episode Sweet and Sour Surprise
Wonton O'Fun is the fourth episode of Season 1.


Mandy feels that the family needs some bonding time away from the restaurant. Mandy insists the family gets away from the restaurant (and the bickering) and sells them on the romantic idea of a camping getaway, even though they have never attempted anything more rustic than a patio barbecue. Amy doesn't like the idea, but goes along with it. Ajit, Pan Pan, and Arisa come with them.They stuff themselves into a rented van and head to the mountains—for an outdoors adventure they’ll never forget (no matter how hard they may try). At the campground, Amy poses for Kinman to paint her, in the middle of the woods.

Recurring PeopleEdit